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About Scotsman Ice Maker Heads

Scotsman Ice Maker Heads are modular units designed for commercial foodservice and health applications. Each ice maker head contains ice-making components within the cabinet, including a compressor, condenser, and an evaporator, although the configuration of these components changes depending on the type of ice maker head. Cube making models utilize an evaporator plate with a grid for growing the ice, sized either for full cubes or half cubes. Flake and nugget models utilize an evaporator cylinder containing an auger. As the auger spins, it scrapes and chops the ice as it forms on the cylinder's inner walls and forces the flaked ice out of the evaporator's top.

Remote Air-Cooled ice maker heads contain all ice-cube-making components except for the condenser which typically stands alone in another location such as another room, an outside location adjacent to the building, or on the roof of the building. The condenser is connected to the ice maker head by refrigerant-charged tubing line sets available in a variety of lengths for optimal installation at your location.

Scotsman Ice Maker Heads are available with a variety of ice production rates, starting at approximately 250 pounds of ice per day up to over 2500 pounds of ice per day.

Typically, Ice Maker heads require some kind of equipment for mounting since the heads produce and harvest the ice, and then drop it. Ice Maker Heads are often mounted on an Ice Storage Bin or an Ice Dispenser (either a Countertop Ice Dispenser or a free-standing Hotel Ice Dispenser). Scotsman has a large selection of bins and dispensers designed to fit their ice maker heads.

Scotsman offers you lots of choices in Ice Maker Heads and related equipment. With all of this variety, you will find the right Scotsman ice maker head to meet the requirements of your business.