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Scotsman C0830MR-32A Remote Air Cooled 870 Lb Full Cube Ice Maker

Scotsman C0830MR-32A Remote Air Cooled 870 Lb Full Cube Ice Maker

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Scotsman C0830MR-32 Product Details

The Scotsman C0830MR is a remote ice maker that can produce up to 870 pounds of medium ice cubes on a daily basis. It measures 30 inches wide and requires either a bin or dispenser of the same size to be mounted on. As a remote air cooled maker, the condenser of the C0830MR can be placed outside the building or on the roof, cutting down on the noise and heat produced in the workplace. The C0830MR is from Scotsman's Prodigy Series and is also an ENERGY STAR rated ice maker. It uses significantly less water and energy and will help cut the cost on the utility bill. Bacteria, mold, algae and slime are reduced due to the AquaArmor anti-microbial protection feature. As with all Prodigy ice makers from Scotsman, the C0830MR features the advanced AutoAlert System that reminds users of scheduled cleaning and descaling cycles, making upkeep of this ice maker incredibly simple.

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Scotsman C0830MR-32 Features

  • Prodigy Cube Style Ice Maker
  • Low noise performance
  • Operating costs are small
  • Servicing is easily accessible

  • Ice Style

  • Regular cube size/shape is common, but it's also produces versatile cube types
  • Idea for mixed drinks
  • Half Ice is smaller than full ice and can fit more in the cup, therefore lessening the amount of beverage used
  • Used for all types of drinks, shows, retailing and dispensing

  • Benefits

  • Use Less Energy & Water
  • AutoAlert™ Indicator Lights Communicate About Operating Status
  • WaterSense Adaptive Purge Control Delivers Maximum Reliability

  • Additional Considerations

  • Requires The Scotsman ERC311-32A Remote Condenser (Sold Separately)
  • More Information
    More Information
    Warranty Info
  • 3 Years Parts & Labor On Ice Machine
  • 5 Years Parts & Labor On The Evaporator
  • 5 Years Parts On The Compressor & Condenser
  • Brand N/A
    24 Hr. Ice Production 800 - 1000 lbs
    Ice Type Cube
    Cube Size Full Cube
    Ice Machine Width 30 in.
    Condenser Remote Cooled
    Voltage 208-230

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