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About Scotsman Ice Dispensers

Scotsman Ice Dispensers are typically one of three types:
1. All-in-one Ice Maker Dispensers create the ice and allow dispensing into cups or containers. These models produce as much ice as a typical cuber head and let the ice remain in the built in storage bin for fast dispensing through the ice chute in front. They can be countertop units or mounted on optional ice machine stands (sold separately). Scotsman Ice Maker Dispensers produce and dispense either flake ice or Scotsman's nugget ice.
2. Scotsman Hotel Ice Dispensers require an ice maker (sold separately) to be situated on top so the built-in storage bin can receive the ice produced. Hotel ice dispensers allow ice dispensing through the large front alcove and ice chute. Hotel ice dispensers are typically free-standing floor units.
3. And the classic countertop ice dispenser has a single ice chute and storage hopper built into the top of the the unit. The top of the storage bin can either be opened for ice to be manually poured into from a separate ice maker or for better efficiency and sanitary conditions, an ice maker head can be mounted securely on top.